Infographic in the shape of a circle with five sections labeled BCIU, School District, Tech & Instructional Support, District Liaison, and Vendor Accounts ManagerFor students and families seeking quality online educational opportunities, Berks Online Learning offers a wealth of value and convenience at no cost to the student or family.

Using any computer connected to the Internet, students may complete individual courses or entire programs of study online. Enrolling in Berks Online Learning will allow them to earn a high school diploma from their home school district, while still retaining the ability to participate in school activities offered by their district.

This program is free of charge to students and families.


Berks Online Learning offers students personalized education plans that are designed with each student’s unique needs in mind. The plans incorporate interactive media and activities, including:

Podcasts, Videos, Multimedia presentations, Educational games and songs, Virtual labs

Students can access their course content at any time and from any Internet connection, eliminating the need for travel and allowing for flexible scheduling options.

Students enrolled in this program are enrolled full time in their own school district and may participate in school activities and events, such as:

Sports, Music, Field trips, Library , School dances/Prom, Extracurricular activities, Career & Technology Center programs, Tutoring, Computer labs


  • students who want a full-time cyber option
  • students who want/need a part-time cyber option
  • hybrid models (CTC, gifted education)
  • credit recovery (summer school)
  • expanded existing curriculum
  • students with IEPs (full- or part-time options)
    Districts can meet IEP accommodations by utilizing a district special education teacher or by contracting with the BCIU to provide full-service options customized to meet individual needs.


Successful students will also gain experience with basic computer and technology skills, time management, and self-discipline. To promote socialization, students are encouraged to participate in Berks Online Learning networking and home school district activities, such as field trips, assemblies, and social functions.

BCIU offers expert administrative support so that students and their families can focus on learning.