The following school districts are currently participating in the Berks Online Learning program full-time cyber school option:

Boyertown, Daniel Boone, Muhlenberg, Oley Valley, Schuylkill Valley, Twin Valley

The following school districts are currently participating in the Berks Online Learning summer school program:

Daniel Boone, Fleetwood Area, Muhlenberg, Oley Valley, Schuylkill Valley, Twin Valley

Other districts may be in the process of establishing an agreement with Berks Online Learning or may have opted to provide an alternative cyber education program. Students with an interest in BOL who live in districts not listed above should contact their school guidance counselor for more information.


Berks Online Learning has expanded to meet these important needs:

  • more K—12 course offerings
  • greater teacher support
  • credit recovery options
  • advanced placement courses
  • physical education solution
  • synchronous lessons
  • accelerate program
  • honors classes

Berks Online Learning now partners with multiple cyber education vendors: Apex Learning, Aventa Learning, Edgenuity (formally E2020), Fuel Education providing K-12 curriculum, and Lincoln Interactive.


Berks Online Learning can be used by districts to fill in personnel gaps, to augment existing curriculum, and to support special programs or circumstances, such as summer school, alternative education, expulsions, etc.


  • provide options for online experiences for students in Berks County schools
  • provide opportunities for current cyber students to return to school districts
  • offer a flexible alternative for districts to customize learning opportunities for students


  • students who want a full-time cyber option
  • students who want/need a part-time cyber option
  • hybrid models (CTC, gifted education)
  • credit recovery (summer school)
  • expanded existing curriculum
  • students with IEPs (full- or part-time options)
    Districts can meet IEP accommodations by utilizing a district special education teacher or by contracting with the BCIU to provide full-service options customized to meet individual needs.
  • accelerate (summer course options)


BCIU works with school districts, students, families, hardware suppliers, and cyber education vendors through every step of the program, ensuring a quality educational experience.

BCIU functions as a liaison between local district guidance counselors, online instructors, and students, monitoring student progress and providing status updates.

BCIU Support Services

To facilitate an effective, rewarding educational experience, BCIU provides individualized student advising services, including:

  • Enrollment assistance
  • Education plan creation
  • Academic support
  • Student progress monitoring and measurement
  • Attendance tracking
  • Regular contact with students and their parents and guardians
  • BCIU offers expert administrative support so that students and their families can focus on learning.


For more information about the possibility of providing the Berks Online Learning program to students in your district, school personnel should contact Marcelle McGhee at or 610-898-8950.