Summer Academy

2022 Summer School Academy for Grades 6-12 students

BOL will be offering Credit Recovery classes for students who have failed 1-3 courses during the regular school year and Accelerated classes for students who want to get ahead on the Fall or make up original credit (student did not take the class). 

BOL will also be offering enrichment Booster Courses for Grades 6-12 students. There will be no credits awarded for Booster Courses since they are intended as a review and a preview of core courses. These courses are appropriate for students who are weak in a subject such as math.  

All classes will begin on June 13, 2022, and end on August 1, 2022, no extensions will be possible. Summer Academy registration will begin on June 1, 2022.

All Summer Academy Courses is open to public and non-public students with school district approval.

Career Electives

High and Middle School students

Berks Online Learning offers many courses that introduce high school students to various careers.  Forensics, Restaurant Management, Renewable Technologies, Hospitality and Tourism, Military Careers, Agriculture, Biotechnology, Advertising, International Business, and Criminal Justice are some of the course offerings. Middle school students can explore careers through the Career Explorations class. The full list of courses can be found here

Now enrolling for Fall 2022-2023 School Year

We are now accepting  enrollments for the new school year.  Parents please contact your child’s school counselor to discuss your child’s needs.  The school counselor will then submit the enrollment form to the BOL program.  For more details please contact us at 610-898-8950 or send email to